Colette Patterns

This is my dream dress. I followed the Macaron Pattern by Colette Pattern and used Liberty fabric from an awesome shop I found in Antwerp, Belgium. What's even more awesome about this dress are the two hidden pockets in the front pleats. Hurray! Since we're on the topic of macarons, I should share that I tasted my very first macaron when I visited Paris last weekend. I bought them from the beloved Laduree shop. Check out the site because that music in the background is what you hear when that sweet macaron touches your lips.

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  1. Your macaron looks amazing! I'm about to embark on making a Rooibos, looking forward to having a go at the macaron pretty soon as well. And I also love macarons, although my favourites are from Paul - they do the really big ones and they're such a treat!